Attractive business potential at – Grand Bay commercial Townhouses

Dan Tri – With a rare prime location, surrounded by synchronous and commercial infrastructure – Grand Bay Townhouse offers attractive business potential for wise investors.

The attraction of commercial town houses

In  2018 – 2019, the resort real estate segment took off. In 2020, the market is witnessing the rise of commercial town houses.

According to experts, the commercial town house segment is taking off due to its superiority and performance optimization. Owning a product that ensures both living and stable business needs, plus the advantage of “one step to the street”, the product is easy to transfer, rent and has a high liquidity.

Tiềm năng kinh doanh hấp dẫn tại liền kề thương mại - Grand Bay Townhouse - 1

Moreover, while the price of a villa or shophouse is high, investing in commercial town houses is a smart choice. With a few billion dong, customers can own one of the commercially completed town houses, located in a prime location. The capital spent is reasonable while still bringing high economic advantages.
Owners of commercial town houses will feel secure to own an excellent asset. The Grand Bay Commercial Town houses have permanent red books and meeting the mindset of accumulating assets for children and grandchildren, satisfying the needs of Vietnamese people.

Catch an attractive business opportunity in the tourist capital of the North

With the tourism stimulus policy, Ha Long has welcomed more than 100,000 tourists / day.

Though, beside tourism, real estate has a spectacular breakthrough.

And ahead of opportunities, the development of the Grand Bay Townhouse project is the focal point of the real estate market in the North, providing attractive business investment opportunities for investors.

Tiềm năng kinh doanh hấp dẫn tại liền kề thương mại - Grand Bay Townhouse - 2

Grand Bay Commercial Townhouses are located on the peninsula 3 in the urban area of Halong Marina. This is a rare prime location just a few steps from the sea, near famous tourist attractions. It is also the only commercial street on the peninsula, surrounded by a diversified infrastructure system: Pearl Villas residential area, Grand Bay Villas; Grand Bay Ha Long Villas Resort and soon Intercontinental Ha Long …

While the numbers of tourists increase, the survey shows that the density of businesses and accommodation in the area is limited. The appearance of Grand Bay Townhouse, will increase experience and services for residents as well as tourists.

Furthermore, on July 27, representatives of BIM Land Real Estate Joint Stock Company and of the InterContinental Hotels Group signed a bilateral cooperation agreement to develop the InterContinental Halong Bay Resort & Residences project.

This partnership not only brings a new look to the area, but also an attractive business potential to neighboring areas, including commercial neighborhood – Grand Bay Townhouse.

Tiềm năng kinh doanh hấp dẫn tại liền kề thương mại - Grand Bay Townhouse - 3

The numbers of Grand Bay Townhouse are limited, yet suitable for many business models such as motels, hotels, restaurants, cafes, massage, bars, karaoke … With the great attraction from the market, it will become the busiest and most modern commercial city in Ha Long.

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