Following the success of the luxury resort real estate brand – “Sun premier and Sun premier Village”-, Sun group has developed a high-end residential segment under the Sun Grand City brand.

Invested by Sun Group in Bai Chay, Ha Long, “Sun Grand City Feria” is part of the 320-hectare tourism and resort complex of the Sun Group . “Sun Grand City Feria” with front villas facing the sea and a 4, 1km long beach, is perfectly fitting this high-end residential segment.

The Sun Grand City Feria project

Project Name: Sun Grand City FeriaInvestor: Sun Group
Location: Bai Tu Long Bay, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long, Quang NinhSize: 47 ha
Product number: 479 villasLand Area: 130m2 – 600m2
Construction density: 35%Legal status: Drawing scale 1/500 approved

Expected handover: 2021

Sun Grand City Feria location

Sun Grand City Feria project is blessed with a beautiful location. The project is located in Bai Tu Long, Halong Bay, one of the natural cultural heritages of the world. Surrounded by the sea in combination with the characteristic natural landscape, creating an incredible position.

Type of villas

Designed with 3 types of villas and land sizes of 130m2 to more than 600m2, bringing many choices to satisfy the needs of each customer. Versatile, the villas can be used for business and living. This will help customers tailor the purposes to their needs.

Sun Grand City Feria AMENITIES

With 38,000 square meters of amenities, Sun Grand City Feria will bring residents a desirable living space in the heart of the heritage city. Facilities for residents are:

  • Sun symbolic park (1,700m2);
  • Basketball court (750m2);
  • Children’s playground (700m2);
  • Fountains (3,450 m2);
  • Badminton Court (3,300m2);
  • Landscape lake (11,800m2 + 4,678m2);
  • Club House (11,700m2);
  • 3-layer security system to ensure safety for customers and residents.
  • The 99-storey Domino Tower will be the symbol of Sun Group in Quang Ninh

The combination of classical and modern architecture with Mediterranean inspiration, contributes to Ha Long. The luxurious villas are designed open and full of romance, fitting to their location. This variance will form a high-class community living together.

A great investment to increase assets and liquidity due to its position and grow.

A substantial value that is hard to beat. Nothing more wonderful and thoughtful than when the whole family gets together and experiences moments of relaxation and peace on the banks of Ha Long Bay – Ky. natural view of the world!

Layout of Sun Grand City Feria

“Sun Grand City Feria” is “European style“designed. Combining resort villas with resort apartments to create a great environment for the complex. Sun Grand City Feria with a size of 47ha, is divided into 479 villas and a 23-storey apartment building to meet customers need. Each villa has a living area from 250m2 – 600m2 and a standard 5 * apartment has a living are from 80m2 to 150m2.

Villa selling prices are expected from 26.6 billion / house (unit price of land ranges from 70 million / m2) well priced for the wise investors.

Sun Grand City Feria Villas are the first villas of Sun Group that allows the formation of a residential unit in Ha Long, all of which are issued the red book with permanent ownership.

Possessing a prime location, adjacent to the coastal road and white sand beach, the villas here are like a green island landmark beside the magnificent beauty of Ha Long Bay, one of the natural wonders of the world.

For these reasons, the Sun Grand City Feria is not only a residence or a place to return, but a resort life for residents as its name suggests.

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