Sun Grand City Feria Ha Long project launches Mallorca subdivision

After the big demand by buyers for the Calvia subdivision, with 90% of the villas already sold a month after unveiling, Sun Group – the investor of the Sun Grand City Feria project, starts to launch a new product line in the Mallorca subdivision.

A prime location with vast green space

Hugging the long and beautiful coastline, the Mallorca subdivision helps future residents catch the sunrise and watch the sunset on Ha Long Bay. With Bai Chay’s white sand beach and green coconut trees. Furthermore the Mallorca subdivision possesses a high density of greenery, including two parks, a sports field and a 1.2-hectare lake, all as a green lung protecting the luxury villas.

Phối cảnh khuôn viên cây xanh trong phân khu Mallorca.

An artist Impression of the Mallorca subdivision.

Bold Mediterranean Architecture

The Mallorca subdivision is built in Mediterranean architecture that combines the features of Spanish red tiled roofs and Santorini’s blue doorways. Mallorca subdivision combines a variety of single and duplex villas.  With a plot size between ​​200 and 650 m2, promising to attract investors in Ha Long and the North. The Mallorca villas have the largest building and land area in the overall project, offering owners creative landscape layout and flexible functions right on the grounds. The villas floor levels are up to 3.9m high and designed wide open to catch the sun and breeze.


Phối cảnh căn biệt thự trong phân khu Mallorca.

Planned exterior of villas in the Mallorca subdivision

A variety of  amenities

In addition to the harmony of the landscape, Mallorca residents also enjoying the privilege of the 5-star internal clubhouse.

A variety of entertainment and shopping facilities are nearby. The Sun World Halong Complex, the Old Town Shophouses, the European Commercial Street belonging to Sun Plaza Grand World and the Sun Carnival Square with vibrant festivals in all four seasons.

 Occupying a prime location in the center of Bai Chay, the Mallorca subdivision connects smoothly via Ha Long road and the Ky Quan sea road. In the future, the Cua Luc bridge and tunnel system is being built to add to the value of the project, creating conditions for residents to get even quicker to surrounding areas.


Phối cảnh tổng thể dự án Sun Grand City Feria của Sun Group.

Overall perspective of Sun Grand City Feria project of Sun Group.

Mallorca is part of the Sun Grand City Feria, a resort-style urban project developed by Sun Group, scheduled to hand over the villas in 2021. This is a subdivision for customers looking to live in a resort style area. An attractive investment in the luxury real estate market in Quang Ninh.

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