Sun Group launched a high-end villa project in Bai Chay, Ha Long

Today, May 18, 2020, Sun Grand City Feria – a leading resort-style city belonging to the Sun Groups general complex plan in Bai Chay, Ha Long – was officially launched. The project will provide long-term ownership and a 365-day vacation-like experience for prospective owners.

Carrying the Sun Grand City brand – a high-end real estate line located in attractive places- invested and developed by the Sun Group.The Sun Grand City Feria is a project built on the model of a resort style urban area of the Sun Group in Ha Long.

Located in the heart of Bai Chay area, next to the Sun Plaza Grand World shophouse and the 5-star Premier Village Ha Long Bay Resort. Sun Grand City Feria inherits the ideal location “by the sea, next to the lake, adjacent to the street ”. The project has a reasonable setback from the large road of Ha Long (separated by the shophouse row) to ensure a quiet, secure and safe high-class urban area. This is also the project that possesses the most beautiful beach and coastline in the North.

The Project includes nearly 500 villas with a variety of villa types, from single and duplexes to quartets. The land areas are from 130m2 – 600m2. With an unique Mediterranean inspiration, the villas at Sun Grand City Feria are a delicate blend of Spanish red-roofed architecture and the delicate blue border of Santorini, bringing beauty to life…. romantic and full of personality.

In order to establish a new standard of living in Ha Long, the investor has arranged more than 38,000 square meters of facilities for residents. Including a system of parks, landscaped lakes, children’s playgrounds and outdoor sports center. The classy 5-star clubhouse meets all the trendiest entertainment of today.

In addition to the inside facilities, residents of Sun Grand City Feria enjoy the privilege of enjoying a series of leisure, entertainment and shopping experiences within a radius of less than 1 km. The clean and beautiful Bai Chay beach – a new meeting point for coastal residents-, Sun World Halong Complex, Ha Long International Passenger Cruise Port or Shophouse Europe – Sun Plaza Grand World…

In the future, with the tunnel system and 3 Cua Luc 1,2,3 bridges being built, residents of Sun Grand City Feria will even more easily than now connect to the Hon Gai area (the West). Accessing other essential services of the city. This is also consistent with the City Master Plan up to 2040, vision 2050, where Ha Long determines the urban development structure. According to this multipolar model, Cua Luc Bay is a connection center, transforming Bai Chay to a busy new urban center of the Ha Long heritage bay.

Like the meaning of the name Feria (“festival” in Spanish), Sun Grand City Feria is expected to give future residents a life like an upscale vacation lasting 365 days a year. There, the Calvia and Mallorca subdivisions are designed based on inspiration from the legendary island and Municipality in the Mediterranean sea.

In May, the Calvia subdivision of the project will be officially opened for sale. This is the first subdivision of the Sun Grand City Feria project to be “unveiled”. The gateway of the complex, possessing panoramic views of the shimmering sea, with views to Reu island and a wide variety of facilities, Calvia promises to bring A worthy product to wealthy Quang Ninh people to own and state their position with, as well as an attractive profitable opportunity for investors in the North.

Translated from Theo

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