The attraction of Ariyana Center in the mid of Hai Ha – Quang Ninh

Due to the impact of the Covid 19 epidemic, 2020 was a quiet year in real estate up to now. However, in the fourth quarter of 2020, the Quang Ninh real estate market is undergoing positive changes. Notably, the appearance of Ariyana Center in the center of Hai Ha district – adjacent to Mong Cai border gate economic zone.

The advantage of a unique position …

In the fourth quarter of 2020, experiencing a relatively quiet year due to the impact of the Covid 19 epidemic, the Quang Ninh real estate market is undergoing positive changes. Notably, the appearance of Ariyana Center in the center of Hai Ha district – adjacent to Mong Cai border gate economic zone.

The Ariyana Center possesses a fresh and airy space, surrounded by the two rivers, Ha Coi and Tai Chi. Todays land value combined with the ancient historical meaning that symbolizes the two rivers, Ariyana Center enjoys all the signs of a wealthy and prosperous feng-shui.

Ariyana Center situated in the “central position”.

“Three sides next to National Highway” investors whisper about the favored position of Ariyana Center. The project has one side adjacent to the double road connecting NH18A (Hanoi – Mong Cai), the other side is adjacent to the arterial road connecting to the port industrial park and Cai Chien island, the third side is alongside Phan Street Dinh Phung with existing residents. As soon as the Van Don – Mong Cai expressway comes into operation, it will form a unified customs clearance chain of Hai Ha with Mong Cai Border Gate Economic Zone, Tra Co National Tourist Area, Bac Luan 2 border gate and Dong Hung (China) cross-border cooperation area.

Benefits of this prime location are factors that create a solid foundation for Hai Ha in the process of economic development and Logistic Industries, boosting trade at the border gates of China. At the same time it is a stepping stone for the growth of tourism in Hai Ha in general.

    … A development with a special appeal

    Hai Ha has advantages in logistics and seaports, industrial and tourist zones. Nevertheless there is no equivalent urban area that can “catch up” with the district’s rapid development trend and housing demand for high-end professionals. Thankfully,  the appearance of Ariyana Center has partly alleviated the “thirst” for scarce supply in this market.

    The attraction comes from 35 limited edition villas, large gardens, generous space overlooking the park, next to the Light Square and central swimming pool, convenient to all features of this urban area: swimming pool, children’s play area, walking paths, reading area, badminton court, chess board area, BBQ area …
    Villas at Ariyana Center have a strong impact on the land ownership habits of people here. From just liking a house on separate land (residential) to gradually wanting to own a house in a metropolitan area with infrastructures in place and with full facilities. This helps to improve the quality of life as well as the status of the owner. Furthermore, there are 252 luxury shophouses and townhouses. Located at the top prosperous intersection in Hai Ha, creating a vibrant picture for the local market. With unique architecture, flexible space, open frontage, shophouses and townhouses of Ariyana Center are not only a great opportunity for business, shopping and entertainment activities, but also serve the needs of accommodation and investment business. With the prime location and the superiority of the product, the owner can exploit the business or sublease the premises, whichever form promises to bring high and steady profits.

    The special highlight of Ariyana Center is the pedestrian street at the 25m axis road – the most spacious internal road of the project, which is expected to become the busiest shopping and entertainment zone. Hai Ha, bringing an interesting experience with unique and international products. This will be the gathering place for famous fashion  and dining brands, restaurant chains, hotels, diverse services, and the venue for festivals and large events. Along with the transformation of Cai Chien Island and the Seaport Industrial Park, funded with millions of dollars, Ariyana Center will be a “sleepless city”. The leading attractive destination in Hai Ha. From there, creating a driving force for economic development, adding value to the owners of shophouses and townhouses at Ariyana Center.

    With transparent legal status, this unique products is well suited for the local market needs. Invested and developed by Ariyana – Ana Homes Joint Venture, Ariyana Center has created a special attraction in Quang Ninh market. general and Hai Ha in particular, opening in the fourth quarter of  2020./.

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