Vân Đồn’s approval as a special economic zone attracts buyers to the Phương Đông Vân Đồn development

The information that the government approved the planning of Van Don to become a multi-disciplinary marine economic zone and entertainment industry center with casino … has the interest in the real estate market of van Don shift into high gear. In particular, projects meeting infrastructure planning such as Phuong Dong Van Don are attracting the attention of investors.

 With all the advantages of an integrated and modern planning

As one of the largest projects in Van Don island district, with a total area of ​​171.42 hectares, Phuong Dong Van Don has invested in a methodically planned, multi-functional urban area with full facilities and amenities for entertainment and relaxation.

Phuong Dong Van Don’s planning includes a variety of options such as villas, resort villas, shophouses, townhouses, commercial townhouses, high-end apartments as well as high- and low-rise hotels. With supporting facilities such as beach, infinity pool, shopping mall, sports area, indoor&outdoor play area, event center, night food street, school, library, health center, public Green park … Phuong Dong will bring great experiences to residents in the urban area and at the same time attracts domestic and international tourists to come here to travel and relax. In Phuong Dong Van Don urban area there are 3 functional subdivisions, corresponding to 3 unique models.

Hai Au night street with 5-storey shophouses combining commercial business and night food. In the future, it will become a busy entertainment destination similar to Ta Hien Street in Hanoi and Bui Vien in Ho Chi Minh City. An interesting destination to explore for domestic and international tourists alike.

    The central complex consisting of low-rise apartments and hotels located on the 58m street. It is a merging place full of top-notch facilities for relaxation, entertainment and shopping. A stop for families and folks who want to discover new and unique sensations.

    The coastal subdivison Including resort villas, entertainment services, beaches, huts, lighthouse, walking streets such as Love Street, Light Street … to freely check in and enjoy a relaxed life, in harmony with nature.

    Currently the project has completed the infrastructure and put into operation a number of service utilities such as restaurants – event centers, cafes, sports areas, green landscapes, public works …With the advantage of lying along the banks of Bai Tu Long Bay, Phuong Dong Van Don possesses a beautiful view, 3 sides facing the bay with magnificent, graceful Karst islets and fresh, clean air throughout the four Season, promises to be an interesting destination for vacations with family and friends to enjoy relaxing moments together with nature. Customers who buy land at Phuong Dong, Van Don are not limited in time to build and receive the red book immediately.

    Strategic location

    Located at the gateway of Van Don economic zone, on the 58m wide road and # 334 provincial road, Phuong Dong Van Don has the mountain in the back and views of Bai Tu Long Bay. In terms of feng shui, it promises a prosperous, peaceful life, in harmony with nature.

    Phuong Dong Van Don urban area is only about 4km from the center of Cai Rong town and 2.5 km from Cai Rong wharf. It quickly connects to Hanoi-Hai Phong – Ha Long – Van Don – Mong Cai expressway and Van Don airport.

    Quang Ninh province is determined to complete and put into operation the Van Don – Mong Cai expressway by the end of 2021.  Shortening the travel time by 35 minutes, making travel and trade with the areas very convenient. By road, high-speed rail, water and air.

    From Phuong Dong Van Don, you can be in  Hanoi within a 3 hours drive. Ha Long, Cam Pha, Mong Cai and other areas are very convenient nearby. Residents at the Phuong Dong Van Don can conveniently enjoy the many regional easy accessible attractions. A further incentive are the ones that will be formed in the future such as international marina, casino, heritage road …

    Opportunities for the smart investors

    Benefiting from the priority policies for socio-economic development of Van Don, the transport and public infrastructure in the region is constantly being upgraded and expanded…. Phuong Dong Van Don is considered as an urban area with the most vibrant development potential.

    At Phuong Don Van Don, investors have a variety of products to choose from. In particular, the land plots are sensibly planned with an area of ​​87m2 and have red books (ownership) for each lot. Well suited as an investment and asset storage, a business with a good profit margin or just to enjoy and live in.

    Favourable conditions

    If you buy land in Phuong Dong Van Don at this time, you will be supported with a loan policy of up to 60% of the land value and 0% interest rate for 24 months. In case of no loan and early payment, a discount of up to 10% of the land value will be offered.

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