Project name: Urban Resort and Entertainment Complex Phương Đông Vân Đồn
Address: Vân Đồn Economic Zone, Quảng Ninh
Project developer: Phương Đông Urban Construction Investment Joint Stock Company
Total planned area: 171,42 ha
Area of public works and schools: 2,85 ha
Area of green parks and sport facilities: 9,69 ha
Zoning: Villa, Resort Villa, Townhouse, Commercial Townhouse, Luxury Apartment Building, Low Rise Hotel, High Rise Hotel.


Located at the gateway of Van Don economic zone, right on the side of provincial road 334 and with 58m road intersecting, Phuong Dong urban area is planned to become a vibrant resort & entertainment complex area.

The project is located on the banks of Bai Tu Long Bay, with beautiful 3-sided views overlooking the bay with the magnificent and poetic karst islets, it is the destination of great vacations to enjoy moments of relaxation in harmony with nature.

  • Cửa Ông Pagoda (Cẩm Phả): 2km
  • Cái Rồng Center: 4km
  • Cẩm Phả City: 7km
  • Vân Đồn airport: 7km
  • Highway Hà Nội – Hạ Long – Vân Đồn – Móng Cái: 4km
  • Vân Đồn Medical center: 3km
  • Vân Đồn bridge 3: next to
  • Casino Vân Đồn: 6km
  • Ao Tiên passenger port: 7km
  • Cái Rồng Port: 2,5km



    If Ha Long Bay is compared to a beautiful and energetic girl, Bai Tu Long Bay – Van Don is considered a pristine but enchanting girl. There are hundreds of beautiful limestone islands associated with the legend of the sacred Dragon scattering pearls to form a stronghold to prevent the invasion of the attackers. This is also the place where the first commercial port of Dai Viet was born. With its strategic location, convenient navigation, Van Don trading port has attracted hundreds of merchant boats from countries in the region to trade.

    Originating from the “sacred Dragon land” on the magnificent Bai Tu Long Bay, Phuong Dong Van Don urban area is a harmonious combination between the graceful and charming natural landscape and bold historical and cultural values. Identity momentum creates a classy and most luxurious urban complex.


    The project of Phuong Dong urban area is located in the heart of Van Don economic zone, with many priority policies for economic development and infrastructure to become a multi-sector economic center of the Northeast. A bustling commercial zone connecting Vietnam with the world. In the future, this will be a CHARACTERISTICS of the most vibrant development of Quang Ninh, a new tourist destination and experience, with one-of-a-kind services such as casino, heritage road, Green Island tourism…. modern and intelligent …, promising great potential for price growth and profit.

    At Phuong Don Van Don, investors have a variety of products to choose from. The land plots are sensibly planned with an area of 87m2 and have the Red Books (ownership) ready for each lot. Well suited as an investment and asset storage, a business with a good profit margin or just to enjoy and live in.

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